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The River Dee & Climate Change

Scotland’s River Dee connecting Aberdeen, thriving from the riches of the fossil fuels offshore to the Cairngorms, almost 90 miles west – the alpine habitat that makes up our largest National Park. One river telling the story of climate change in microcosm, providing a stark example of how the climate crisis is exacerbating declines in biodiversity.

The People Vs Climate Change

Britain has made big promises about reducing our impact on the planet, but getting there means huge changes to our everyday lives. In this surprising and funny documentary, we follow members of the UK’s first ever Citizens Assembly on climate change, where 108 ordinary Brits are tasked with deciding what we should do to meet our climate change goals.

the people vs climate change

So Hot Right Now

Climate action can be overwhelming, which is why So Hot Right Now is your four-minute ‘wisdom pill’ from the best in the business fighting the climate crisis.

So Hot Right Now

Climate Action Needs Culture

When the nations of the world come together in Glasgow what will be the stories we tell of COP26? 

Climate Action Needs Culture

A Healthier Planet…

A series of 3 digital shorts for the BBC Our Planet Now strand focusing on climate solutions for what we eat, how we travel and what we buy.

Our Planet Now