So Hot Right Now


So Hot Right Now

Are you looking for ways to tackle the climate crisis?

Climate action can be overwhelming, which is why So Hot Right Now is your four-minute ‘wisdom pill’ from the best in the business fighting the climate crisis.

From climate justice to ocean activism, this five-part, WaterBear Original Series of animated films tackles key issues and provides inspiration for personal development on climate action. Hosted by environmental broadcaster Lucy Siegle and nature & science filmmaker Tom Mustill, hear from guests including trailblazing climate negotiator Christiana Figueres, journalist turned Big Oil activist Bill McKibben and ‘professional troublemaker’ George Monbiot

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Episode 1: Climate Optimism with Christiana Figueres (30/04/21)

In this first episode, Lucy and Tom speak to Christiana Figueres, the extraordinary diplomat who rebuilt the international climate negotiations after their epic fail. Christiana understands the problem and what we must do to solve it. Watch this episode now to hear how we can harness the power of optimism to collectively create change in the world.

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Episode 2: Investigating Climate with George Monbiot (07/05/21)

Have you ever wondered whether you’re getting the full picture about what’s happening to nature and the climate? Lucy and Tom ask this question to someone who specialises in finding the truth – ‘professional troublemaker’ and investigative journalist George Monbiot, whose work has exposed genocide, ecocide and corruption. In this episode, George explains how we can separate fact from fiction and why the media sits at the heart of fighting the climate crisis.

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Episode 3: Climate Justice with Mary Heglar and Amy Westervelt (14/05/21)

The climate crisis isn’t just about atmospheric carbon levels, it’s about people, power and prejudice. In the third episode of ‘So Hot Right Now’ Lucy and Tom hear from Mary Heglar and Amy Westervelt, two people who don’t mess around when it comes to communicating climate and social justice. They get straight to the point because “if you f*** it up, you clean it up”.

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Episode 4: Building a Movement with Bill McKibben (21/05/21)

Lucy and Tom speak to Bill McKibben, trailblazing climate journalist and movement building activist, responsible for $14 trillion of divestment from fossil fuels. Bill explains how ordinary people are taking on the might of the fossil fuel industry by coming together to form big bold movements. When we fight we win a surprising percentage of the time, which is why Bill believes we should fight the system more often.

Episode 5: Ocean Activism with Hugo Tagholm (28/05/21)

Have you heard about Surfers Against Sewage? In 1990, a local community of surfers in Cornwall came together to protect our oceans, waves, beaches and wildlife. This community has now grown into a global force for change. In this episode, Lucy and Tom speak to the CEO of Surfers Against Sewage – Hugo Tagholm who shares his toolkit on how stunts, campaigns and authenticity have supercharged activism for the ocean and how they are on a mission to help everyone become ocean activists.

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